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Experiencing Heavy Lag



I have bought a Nokia 5 and using it for last 3 weeks but unfortunately, the phone is experiencing unexpected heavy lag, even with some basic functionality like Phone, Contacts etc. A contact is not opening, call log is taking always more than 2 minutes to open. The display is coming live after 2-3 Seconds after unlocking the phone.

I contacted the customer support team and they suggested some steps but that solved the issue temporarily only, the issue is keeping repeating regularly in an interval of 2-3 days.

I had a lot of expectations from the midranger of HMD Global bearing the most reliable name in the world of the cell phone but it has just ruined my smartphone experience. I had chosen the device as it is having the stock Android and the company promised regular software update but only because of this software glitch my experience got ruined.

Please let me know if there is any permanent solution for this issue.

Thank you in advance!

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Try to clean phone memory and ram... Otherwise reset your phone once...It will help you
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