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Notification bar not coming down, home button and recent all button not working

Hi I am not able to pull down my notification bar so not able to see why phone is ringing and vibrating .I have to check all apps on phone to see why it ringed. Also home button and recent apps button is not working so I have to press back button all the way to start new app or come to home screen. Both problem badly sucks ..please help me ..I have already tried restarting phone and going to safe mode..

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This happened to me as well just earlier. How were you able to solve this? I'm planning to do a complete wipeout soon.
Ended up resetting to factory defaults! It's working now after all the hassle of backing up and reinstalling apps!! Hope this won't happen again. Anyone with the same issue had more than one user accounts by any chance? I've recently created one about couple of days ago. Might be connected to the issue?
This happened once to me, so I reset and went through the whole hassle of reinstalling apps etc. It has now happened again, and I don’t want to go through that process a second time. Has anyone actually been able to fix this issue.
I am facing same issue home and notification button is not working
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