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Troubles with Nokia 5.

I have noted three issues in my Nokia 5. Is there any solution you have for this?

1. In screen lock mode if a call unattend (Missed call). Any one can easily tap the Missed call notification and can 'Call back'without giving lock password or pattern.
2. Using SMS, if you share a contact, its shows MMS and never I am able to send the MMS. Always it shows failed.
3. You cannot create a group in the contact list. To send SMS to a group it would be so easy to add this group to send all.

Pls let me know my founds are correct.


Hashim Basheer

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Hi Hashim!

As you've written in the beta labs forum, is it safe to assume you're a beta tester? To ensure that we can make the best use of your feedback, please send it all to us via the Feedback App installed on your phone. 

Happy testing!

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