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Stuck at beta 8.0 update


Today I received OTA to beta 8.0 and started the update process. For about 1,5 hour my phone is stuck at stage 3/3 near the end of the progress bar. Should I reboot it or leave it for another hour?


Okay, my suggestion is don't do anything. But if your phone was going to running out of power. You may perform shut it down or hard reset. But if your phone can sustain another 3 hours you may just leave it. However for your future benefit . After the update succeeded you may better take your Nokia 5 for a check up. Preferably Nokia Care or Centre. Good luck. I Hope you have finished installed your oreo beta now . Maybe you should have remove apps or customizarion first before do a beta or updates.
How was the update progress?
Maybe the update needs to handle all the apps and launchers in your phone. Just wait it finish.

Ok, so after 3,5 hours without sign of life I decided to try soft reset (volume-up + power button for couple seconds) and update process just restarted without booting full Android OS. This time update finished successfully after about 15 minutes without any hiccups and I have fully functional Oreo now.

How was the update progress?

As I mentioned before: 3/3 with progress bar nearly complete (I would say about 95%). I posted screenshot above.

Maybe the update needs to handle all the apps and launchers in your phone. Just wait it finish.

That is hardly appropriate. Apps and launchers are handled at first boot AFTER the update, and since Nougat that process is much faster because of (re)introduction of JIT compiler. Also - I didn't have many apps and had only default launcher.

Honestly I didn't care for the faster bootup... A good OS doesn't need to be rebooted that often. Though I have to admit that Widgets load MUCH quicker than before, and the boot is somewhat faster.

I'm more a fan of redesigning the settings app, the addition of the night mode, and FINALLY ambient display

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