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Touchscreen properly not working while charging.

I am unable to use my phone properly while charging,touchscreen not working that time. I am using the Nokia charger with the phone still having this problem , it's just 10 day I am having phone and I am having this problem from the first day.

I'm having the same issue as well. I only experienced this on oreo. No such issue in nougat.
I am having the same issue from starting i have bought nokia 8..touch dont response properly using it while charging
I have same issue since I buy this phone ... I'm from India. If we keep phone on my bed and touch its screen , it's not working properly as it should... I don't know what's the reason behind this. Also when over charging screen doesn't respond properly..it works like it's going mad and open anything..
This is definitely a software issue - I have now owned two Nokia 8 device from different stores (one a 64GB and one a 128Gb) and they have both exhibited this issue. I found that sometimes I can fix it by removing the USB plug and rotating it 180 degrees. Combined with the Bluetooth audio issues and the NFC issues it seems that Nokia have some bugs to squash in the next update!
Same here, since Nougat. When you for example scroll down in a news feed, it always open pictures or posts, so as the phone means, you double click something. Strangely i dont have the problems, when phone is charging in the car. Only at home
Same issue here, hopefully it is not hardware related (e.g. EMC issue) and they can fix it with a software update...
This also an issue with my phone. Very annoying and needs fixing.
I believe this is an issue with all models. Hopefully Nokia are listening even if they aren't responding.
Don't think it can be fixed by software or firmware. At least it's still present in Oreo 8.1 beta
I've not experienced this with my Nokia 8, but have with other phones. Check your charging cable for damage, the touch screen is quite sensitive, if the grounding isn't right on your charging cable it can cause problems while a phone is charging. So I would try a different charging cable.
I don’t think it’s the charger - it does the same for me with both a stand-alone charger from a Lumia 950 and a cable from a Samsung Note 8 paired with a USB multi port charger. Both options work perfectly with other USB devices - and in fact both worked fine with the Nokia 6.
Same issue. not resolved till the moment!
I too have this problem. But I noticed that after struggling to use the screen for a bit (while charging), it stabilizes and works normally(ish). Maybe this would help investigate the issue? Improper grounding/shielding, static charge accumulating when plugging the charger, etc, i don't know, I'm not a technician. Even if the issue solves itself after a bit of struggling with the screen it is infuriating, I may accidentally delete precious photos or movies, important files, etc... Not happy at all.
The problem is the screen protector, take it off
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