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Oreo update

When comes Oreo update in Nokia 6..? Please reply me in my mailbox..

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 Today,you can register now on beta labs with your IMEI and Network Operator and request OTA for Oero Beta.

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Thanks Marius, Am in the UK and have successfully registered on Beta Labs for the OTA update. Looking forward to receiving the update within the next 12 hours. Great to see Oreo on Nokia 6
Sadly the December Security Update is a prerequisite for the Nokia 6 Oreo Beta program... December update not yet released in UK..... Shame...
It's not a shame - it's utter incompetence. I have had great experiences with Nokia - the REAL Nokia and used there products almost exclusively for nearly 15 years before finally getting an Android phone for the first time 4 years ago. HMD, unfortunately are NOT Nokia. They are merely a start-up that are playing to use the Nokia name. They renege on their promises and rhetoric of regular updates. Some handsets get the updates, some don't. They launch a beta program that most people who try to register for, can't. Their online English Support Chat is staffed by people who clearly can't speak or write English to an adequate level. I'm a teacher so I'm qualified to judge. HMD is going to sully the Nokia name beyond repair if this continues.

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The December update has finally  come through for me and it's installing now.    :)

I'm now wondering about the Oreo Update which I did previously register for even though I didn't actually qualify.

Can I reject or cancel it?

On the Beta labs website I can't see a way to unregister without actually downloading Oreo and then downgrading first.....

Now I'm really confused....

The December security update downloaded and installed and it then download the Oreo beta and nothing happened.  I'm still on the old build even though I've got the update???

What is happening HMS?




Both December security patch and Oreo successfully installed this morning...

Hi Anna,

As you can see from my second post above, although I've got the December security patch I still seem to be on the wrong build number (72A). My phone hasn't updated to 72B.

As for Oreo, I think I'm just going to wait for the RTM version but right now I really don't understand what's going on.

For any region and any nokia 6 goto this thread And install your official oreo, 100% works
I should like to try Android 8 for my nokia6

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Not yet received update... When??

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Not yet received update.

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Nokia has announced office oreo update today, u will get the update soon
Where was this announced? Nothing that I can find.....
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