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Didn't get beta oreo

Heli Anna... I've registred for beta labs for my nokia 6 ta-1021, malaysia region. Before this i can get nokia 8 beta oreo within 12 hours... So why my nokia 6 still didn't get it while my IMEI already validate...? Please answer me ASAP.

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Same question here. Nokia changed the requirements 3 times to get the Beta. I think they do to deliver it in groups not all at once. But I'm not sure.
It makes sense if they deliver in groups because I've been registered nearly 48 hours with no update to Oreo beta. My guess is there are a very large amount of people applying for the beta and we just have to wait. After all, we do know that we will all receive Oreo at some point after beta anyway!

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Hi all! 

Thank you for your interest in Nokia phones beta labs. We understand some of you may still be waiting to get on the beta labs program for Nokia 6. Please note that the December Security Update is the first step to enroll for the beta labs program. We have released the December Security Update for Nokia 6 earlier this week - given the global reach of Nokia phones it sometimes takes up to a few days for the updates to reach everyone. We request you to look out for the December Security Update on your phone - please restart your phone to check if the security update is available for your phone. 

Thank you for your patience! 



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Thank you, Anna. I did get the December security patch about a week ago and I am successfully registered for the beta. Right now I have restarted my phone a few times and I just check for updates through settings periodically. While I am in no hurry, I would like to test Oreo if possible, is there anything more I can try?

Today I received a long-awaited beta

I also didn't get the beta version i don't know what happens to Nokia.
Took a little bit over a week for my update to arrive
Kenapa blm dapat update oreo..untuk nokia 6 TA 1021..malaysia
Nunca me llego el oreo beta Que posibilidades hay que me llegue esta actualización? Soy de Chile
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