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Why N 6 with BB: 00WW_3_72A can't get beta

Why Nokia 6 TA1021with build number 00WW_3_72A on nougat 7.1.2 with security patch of November 6 gets register for oreo beta lab but it doesn't get the update via OTA. Why its not a supported Build number?

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I'm guessing we're going to have to wait to get the December security update first. Absolute joke of a system. I was always a big fan of Nokia when it was actually Nokia that made the phones. They screwed up by going with Symbian and then Windows. Even Microsoft eventually gave up on Windows for phones. HMD are doing nothing to restore the reputation of the Nokia brand.

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I'm on the TA-1033 with build 00WW_3_72A. Guessing I'm in the same boat?
TA-1021; 00WW_3_72A same problem

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mine too..same problem.. even no dec security update..

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Same problem here.

Same. Neither December patch nor Oreo.

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anyone with build 00WW_3_72A got december security update? TA1021?

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No December security update for TA 1021
My build is 00WW_3_72_A. I downloaded the December security patch from xda forum and placed it on sd card. Than from recovery mode i flashed update from sd card. That's how i got the December security patch. Now my build is 00WW_3_72A_SP01.. than again registered for oreo beta but still no sign of beta!

hi user1512727008034: i heard build number will change to 72B from 72A after december security patch. for TA1021...

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dont know brother. 

 just had a chat with Nokia support. They have confirmed that in order to get the beta we need to have the December security update. when I told support that TA-1033 on 00WW_3_72A did not receive the December update, they just went mute.... no reply. they also ended the chat.

Good work Nokia! I can feel the premium support you are offering

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It's becoming a but of a joke with the 1033 variant. Don't get me wrong. I love my Nokia 6, but the level of support and the lack of prompt updates is nothing more than a bad joke recently.

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user1511094780330: I have same build number TA 1021.. still waiting for Dec security update.. seems there is some confusion in pushing update..monthly update is delayed..

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