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Why N 6 with BB: 00WW_3_72A can't get beta

Why Nokia 6 TA1021with build number 00WW_3_72A on nougat 7.1.2 with security patch of November 6 gets register for oreo beta lab but it doesn't get the update via OTA. Why its not a supported Build number?

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I did reset phone, nothing helps


Thanks for letting us know. We might need to look into things a little more closely. Thanks for your patience. 


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Thanks Anna, appreciate your response!!

I am on model 1033 with build version 00WW_5_140 (Android 8 beta patch)  I recieved all updates so far without delay - I guess it's just a geographical problem It seems (i am from germany) 

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My TA-1021 (Android 7.1.2 00WW_3_72A) is also still in November patch level (received Security patch and another Functional patch maybe? during November) and do not receive December patch regardless how many times i check for updates (multiple times per day :-)). Mobile device in Finland in Elisa network. Has the December patch already released for Finland? 

Finally I got security patch and got oreo beta too immediately after security patch installation. Thanks everyone, Nokia 6 is going to rock with this one. Especially thanks Anna for ultimate support

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done in Egyptimage

Am having Nokia 6 on December Security patch, V 7.1.2 and build  00A0_3_72B India. Registered Successfully but still doesn't get oreo update..

got December security patch this morning and after installing and restarting, Oreo beta update came. Running Oreo now. Looks like Anna was listening. Good to know someone dies. Happy customer but Nokia should avoid these mishaps in the future if it wants to grow...
Hello everyone, if you all are getting problem installing Oreo or didn't get the update yet then you can follow this thread to install oreo 100% successfully

update your nokia 6 with that build no to december security update by hard reseting and also take out sim. after that register your nokia to beta labs and there you go. i also did the same and received updates 

Am on December patch but still I didn't get Oreo beta update
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