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Black screen during incoming phone calls, it won't wake up.

I get a black screen during incoming phone calls, this happens while connected to my Jabra Talk bluetooth headset, it doesn't happens with wired headphones, it just rings and I have to wake up the display manually (Finger print or hard button) in order to see who's calling. My other phone, a Huawei P8, works perfectly with same Bt Headset!

Model: TA-1025

Android version: 7.1.1

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Same with me after install 7.1.2. with NOKIA bluetooth
Update: A couple days ago the Phone app updated to version 16.0.183307769 and since then, the display lights up during incoming calls when BT headset is paired. Seems that Google fixed that annoying bug with this update.

Hello..  Can you tell me where can I find the update, because the Google store gives the old one (15. something.. )

Hi user221, Since my last post, the Phone App on my Nokia 6 has updated to version 16.0.184017317. It’s odd that Google Play Store is offering you a previous version. Anyway, as a workaround you can uninstall the current update of the Phone app then ask someone to call you while your Bluetooth headset is paired, this way you can see if the screen lights up during the incoming call, but if the issue persists, go and update the app through Play Store then try again. Otherwise, you need to obtain Phone app version 16.x somehow or wait for Oreo stable version. Good luck.
Hi, the version I have was installed through Play Store, not sure why you are getting that version. Try uninstalling the Phone App's current update then try someone to call you while connected to the Bluetooth headset to see if the screen lights up.

Problem solved :-).  I just Google-oed the version number of Phone app that you gave me and installed.

Was a big problem for me because I drive all day and lost several calls. I don't know why the App Store keep giving the 15.xxxxx version.

 Thank you again

You are welcome buddy, glad to hear that you solved it. Cheers!
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