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Why N 6 TA-1000 № Assembly: 00CN_3_31D_SP03 can't get beta?

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We just ignored.:(
Same here why I can't update my TA1000 to Oreo :(

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When will Oreo for TA -1000. ?

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TA-1000. Received the December security patch.

Oreo is not.


Thank you for your interest in Nokia phones beta labs for Nokia 6. We regret to inform you that this service is not available in the US, China and Taiwan due to some additional requirements for technical adaptations. Nokia 6 in the US, China and Taiwan will upgrade directly to Android Oreo when ready. This restriction applies to users in US (all TA's), China (TA-1000) and Taiwan (TA-1003).

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Thank you so much for explaining :) we will wait for right time :) Thanks Ms Anna

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Thanks for your patience and understanding! :) 

Dear Anna, 
but the restriction does not apply to European Union, and there are a lot of users who have bought the TA-1000 in EU via local resellers, not via internet shops and so forth.

@user1514065079209: The TA-1000 and TA-1003 models run a different software variant with a heavily modified skin, so I guess it would take more time for HMD to update it.

I've also noticed that, a few very important features to me such as Bluelight Filter and Color Temperature (I prefer the first one). But I have to set it up manually to get optimal night light, which is set up by default on Oreo, or at least we can automate the job.

Ta 1000 is a clone phone
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