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Picture in picture

The picture in picture function does not work in any application, I was using YouTube, Google and other applications and I can't use this mode, does anyone know how I can use PIP? Does this happen to anyone else?

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Actually! We in beta of Oreo and because of this we will face some problems and our task is to find such problems and report it to Nokia via feedback app. That's why we are beta tester right?? So do report it to Nokia via feedback app I did.

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HI,Picture in Picture mode not works for Youtube , try in some other sites like vimeo . For me Picture in Picture modes works fine in Vimeo

PIP only works with YouTube Red, not the standard YouTube.

PIP works in YouTube if you open it in Chrome in Desktop version. It perfectly work for maps and other apps shown in the settings except YouTube standard app which is pre installed. You must have YouTube red subscription for it to work in the app at the moment. I hope they update it for standard app soon.
Ohhh, thanks to all
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