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Has anyone actually got the OTA downloaded yet?

All the posts in this sub-forum seem to be about problems getting the beta in the first place.

Has anyone actually got it?

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I don't think so.

I recieved it 10 seconds after i enrolled , TA-1033

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Mark. Which country/provider are you with? TA-1033 O2-UK here and still yet to receive the December security patch. Enrolled in the Beta yesterday and still waiting for OTA.

TA-1033 UK Sim free , BT network.

 Same problem here with my TA-1021 DS (Dual Sim).

Country : Roumania (EU).

I didn't  even get second security patch for november and the last one for December via OTA, so i downloaded/installed them manually in order to receive today Android 8 beta,but with no luck.

@Anna please report this issues to your superiors,i really want to test android 8 beta,i tryied even factory reset + without sim to check for update but no luck.

still no update, TA-1039, Movistar Chile, September security patch and 12 hours have passed since I requested the ota

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Same with me. TA-1021 SIM free on Vodafone Portugal Network. Already got December security patch ( build 00WW_3_72A_SP1). Enrolled yesterday, still waiting for the Oreo Beta OTA.

Restart the phone and turned off mobile data, did the trick for me.

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