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Camera in Nokia 8 - EXTREMELY disappointing!

I bought this new Nokia 8 due to Carl Zeiss optics, and I must say that I regret using money on this phone as the camera is nothing better than in my Nexus 5X which I still have kept! It is so very disappointing that Nokia (HMD Global) is not doing anything to sort this out!! So it looks right now, I'm sad to say!!

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Im very suprise what the hell HMD doing....the main attraction of Nokia 8 is it's camera but it's good lot of people already complaint about it...... where juho sarvikos chief product of HMD agree with camera bad and also he promises very long about camera update soon .... Till today didn't implement I already missed lot of beautiful moments to capture...dear people please dont tell me to use 3rd party app i buyed NOKIA expensive FLAGSHIP not cheap cost CHINA phone

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@user1510771310291 - I agree completely and I too have a Nexus 5x and am really disappointed with the quality of the Nokia 8 Camera compared with The Nexus 5X - Which has a brilliant camera IMHO incidentally. 

The Nokia 8 is so good in other ways, build quality, power consumption, timely updates etc, so the camera is a real negative downside and reflects very poorly, on HMD Global/Nokia and particularly Carl Zeiss IMHO.

So anyway, I shot some test photos with a light-box lit either side with halogen spotlights and a tripod, to give the Nokia a fair shake. I used the Nexus 5X as a control to compare. I enclose 100% crops of the test images to illustrate the point of the very poor results I achieved with the Nokia 8. 

- First the Nexus 5X. It shows the weave of the fabric backdrop fine and the colour is about right


Next the Nokia 8 on Twin Lens. Note the failure to resolve the weave of the background cloth as much as the Nexus 5X and the white balance compensation/adjustment is really off. It shows the background as grey whereas it is blue as you can see on the Nexus 5X image.


Now the Nokia 8 on colour lens only, even worse resolution and the same colour cast/white balance issue.


Finally, the Nokia 8 with the Monochrome lens. Slightly better resolution than the colour lens but not great considering this lens and sensor apparently doesn't have an anti-alias filter so should give good resolution.


Overall, a very poor result.

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I can only support this statement... capable hardware, very very poor camera app.

Hoping that this camera implementation will be improved very soon... otherwise I'll consider a different device/brand.... but hey just my 2 cents - who cares what I do :)

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Hi! In my opinion this is a SW problem. Please the Camera App needs to be updated

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How many days still need to wait for camera update

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 No hope! I'm between to buy iphone 8 and return my nokia 8,so disappointing..

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Received system update today, and camera now seems to focus faster, so hoping overall camera performance and experience has been improved by the update.

Also if you have received the latest update (V4.390) you can now install the latest Nokia Camera APK (8.02) that comes with the Nokia 5 Oreo Beta build and it works much faster, not sure about the quality though haven't tested it yet.  You can find the APK download on nokiapoweruser site if you want.

Also poor quality with the colors of selfie camera



The Shutter Speed Of Nokia 8 Is Very Slow...... Please Update This Camera App

@Aki or you could shoot in a brighter environment. You are never going to get reasonably fast shutter speeds in dull lighting. In daylight my photos are nearly always taken at over 1/1000ths of a second.

Is there an official update from Nokia. Please don't disappoint you customer. I was really frustrated that our family trip video went stuck up and eventually ended up nothing. So much memory has been lost.

There is an update to the camera app coming but due to framework modifications it's taking HMD longer than expected to get the pro camera app from the Nokia 8 Sirocco onto the Nokia 8.

@Terminusquo. Sorry, that's not true so. HMD "works" on a update for the camera-app of our nokia 8. In the moment is it a "dream". And, it isn't the "camera-app" (including "Nokia Pro Camera") of the SIROCCO. Especially the camera-"hardware" of the SIROCCO isn't to compare with the hardware of our "8". That's why (I hope) it will be a other, "better" app (Words of HMD). But, when the new app will be finished? In May, in June, in July,........? I don't know. 
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