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Sincere advise

Hey guys, I hope you reading the feedback you get and pass it to your devs and product teams. You have an amazing hardware that's why I swapped my iPhone 7 plus for. You N8, but I have to admit Apple just simply works. Guys you have the Zeiss lenses the greatest company in terms of camera lenses and your software just sucks the shutter is slow take an example of Leica or Apple itself yes you chose stock android but that doesn't solve some problems, you should have your own camera app which brings out the whole performance of the cam, don't waste it you messed it up with Symbian and Microsoft with the Lumias... If you want market share and choose Android make it right, it has to flow like a nice strawberry milkshake... Fix the camera!! Fix the microphone and sound, comes and goes in my Whatsapp calls. You recording with ozo but don't have stereo loudspeakers on the phone, which should be to give the videos a better experience. Headphone jack on the bottom, makes the ux much nicer whilst listening and using the phone, noone wants the cable through the screen! Hope 8.0 can solve at least the camera experience Thanks

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