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How long should we wait for Oreo Update

As per the new update on beta lab site now build number is not specific, only thing is December' s security patch set should installed. "Please note that for Nokia 6, you need to be on the December security patch." Yesterday I installed December's security patch set and requested for Oreo but still there is no update for me. 

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What phone model you got? I am still waiting the december patch on TA-1021 with build number: 00WW_3_72A
I have the December security patch on a TA-1025 and have been waiting 30+ hours since registering, no update yet. Maybe soon. I do check for update every now and then :/

Waiting 24hrs so Far. Contacted Support they weren't much help. Just said I had to wait and that  I would get an E-Mail confirmation when it was ready. 

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