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Glance not useable

I love glance but it is unusable for me. It's always on, if power plug in. At the night beside the bed it's too bright. Why have glance not the same feature with power as without power. It should stop after a short time. Please repair the function or give us a choice. (I think it have the right behaviour before Oreo 8) Andi

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yes, on mine glance is activated during power plugged in as well.
I like it as I use is as alarm clock bedside and from my opinion it is not too bright.
It's just that I can read it.
Have you tried to enable automatic screen brightness?

Yes automatic screen brightness is enable. You see not only Glance in the dark. The whole screen dark grey. I think nokia should give the user the option for on or out since power pluged.

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I have same problem and I want a option to stop always on when power plug in.

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