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Doesn't boot after Oreo update

I installed Oreo OTA update. When I turn on the phone, I am being asked for the phone PIN. After entering it, the Nokia logo appears on the screen and it stays on forever, nothing else happens. Can anyone help?

You already try reboot and the problem go on? The last chance was boot in recovery mode. Turn on the phone with power + volume up and you be able to access the menu. Then you perform a factory reset but you will lost all your data

I already tried this before posting, but I can't get it into recovery mode. Power+Volume Up doesn't open recovery mode for me. If I keep them both pressed it just a continuous power up-power down loop. If I release them it would just like turning on the phone. It's like the volume up key has no effect (although it works on the PIN entry screen).

I was not releasing the power button at the right time - I was expecting a visual cue that I have to release it - turns out it's when the powered by Android logo appears. So now I get the Android mascot with the red triangle and the message "no command" below. Any ideas about what could I be doing wrong here?

Ok, I was finally able to do a hardware reset. At the "no command" screen I had to press a combination of volume up and power (I'm not sure about the buttons) to get the recovery mode menu. From there I was able to do a hardware reset and restore everything from the cloud.

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