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Why NOKIA not supporting us ...?

I can't make any calls because of my phone signal only 4G. I did two times factory reset but still exists issue. Please suggest any idea to get it normal. When I select at settings preferred network type 3G or 2G signal bars are not showing and I changed network type using *#*#4636#*#* also same issue existing. Thank you

Tech Wizard

Share more details like location, Network provider.
Check the following
Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Preferred network Type > 3G / 2G.

Do a reset of network settings and try again.
Settings > More > Network settings reset > Reset settings.

I'm with Vodafone India and the screenshot is as below.


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Thank you bro. But it not fixed. After restart it automatically charged to TD-SCDMA/CDMA/UMTS and can't make calls. Showing 4G. When manually set 3G or 2G signal bars are not showing (No service). Please suggest to get it normal. Region : Sri Lanka Service provider : Mobitel Thank you


Tech Wizard

Do the following first
Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Preferred network Type > 2G.

And check using *#*#4636#*#* , that preferred network time should be 'GSM only'. It should work normally, else restart phone and try again. As phone is in warranty period , contact Nokia support using the 'Support' app for other solution if the error is reoccurring.

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Tech Wizard

Please first confirm that the Carrier Services app and other built-in apps is updated to the latest versions, in the Play store on the phone.

I suggest refer to your mobile service provider, in a store or online via:

and let them do further troubleshooting if needed.

Please let us know how it goes?


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Tech Wizard

Please read this :


So, according to your screen-shot, you already have a sim at 4G and the other sim is on 2G. It is working as mentioned in the user guide. You must choose among your SIM if you really want 4G signal.


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Yes using primary SIM can not make any calls and not receiving incoming calls.

While making calls nothing say any thing.  

Yes it show 4G but can not make calls using primary SIM,

SMS and Data services are working. 

When I select 2G or 3G only signal bars are not showing (No service).

Tech Wizard

Change the SIM settings such that SIM one has 3G and SIM 2 has 4G and check if it works 

One more suggestion , try swapping the SIM cards and try calling ?

SIM 2 can not set 4G,

Yes I try 

By swapping: SIM one having same issue.

By inserting only SIM1 having same issue

By inserting  some other operator having same issue

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