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WiFi/WLAN 802.11ac with Nokia 6?

Could anyone provide a link to the official WiFi specs of the Nokia 6 phone?

The so called "Full Specs" ( mention only "Wi-Fi". I am disappointed.

E.g. I would like to now if 802.11ac is supported.

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Tech Wizard

Nokia 6 and its Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430 is 802.11ac capable.

(My TA-1021 Nokia 6 picks up the 5GHz WiFi access points the neighbours got, but I haven't upgraded my router yet).

How fast it is, in theory and practice, is a matter of antennas and other factors.
Also please keep in mind 5Ghz WiFi is government regulated and Nokia/HMD obey local law and restrictions.

Does this help?


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Thank you, Hans!
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