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Android Update/Upgrade Policy?

Could anyone please provide a link to the official Nokia (security, same Android release) update and (feature, new Android release) upgrade policy?

I am reading statements like "your Nokia phone will stay secure and up to date with regular software updates" in the specs on

But what does this really mean for me if I buy a new phone today, which gets delivered with Android 7, while my existing phone which I would like to replace already got Android 8?

Nokia, please publish your security update schedule (e.g. monthly), for how long such updates will get provided (from the mentioned statement, I read "life long"), how many major Android upgrades (e.g. up to Android 10) are guaranteed, and within which period of time after release by Google these will get rolled out (e.g. not later than 3 months).

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Nokia's approach of promising updates very much. But promises without any specific information are worth nothing and do not make me buy a Nokia instead of a Nexus, Pixel, Samsung, HTC, etc. phone.

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You can see the security update history here: I agree that HMD should provide more info on Android update (and also kernel sources and bootloader unlockability). For now we have to take their word for it. Fortunately security patches have always arrived on time for me and I'm enjoying the Oreo beta.

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I agree, some guaranteed life of updates would be welcome plus how long we have to wait for the updates after Google releases them.

For example, If I buy a Nokia 6 now, can I expect updates for 2 years from now? Or 2 years from the date of Nokia 6 launch?

Which updates can I expect to get in the lifetime? Only security patches? Or major and minor version updates as well?

How long after release by Google? If it's 12 months then the 2 years of updates isn't worth much!

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