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Can't find kernel source

Hey Nokia Team Can you tell me where I can find the kernel source code? I was looking for it but can't find it.

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Need a hint..... Where to find the source, you know GPL!

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And push.. Nobody knows it? Come on Nokia it can't be so heavy to talk with us

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Here, other person interested on the source! 

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Where i can find any GPL related Software you are using?

Also kernel source of all other phones?

For example, my last phone, OnePlus X:

Or firefox:


And well, you know, GPL force that the code must be free. Linux kernel is GPL3 o 2, depending on the version. Nokia must publish the code. 

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Yep you're right, but Nokia isn't interested in gpl and the heavy use customer. There is only one internet make money and spit on us
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