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Nokia TA-1021 No updates

Hi people, I have a Nokia TA-1021 with build 00WW_3_72A running Android 7.1.2. I registered on Betalabs before it was announced that December patch is required(on the day Nokia 6 joined the betalabs). I have yet to receive a December patch or Oreo Beta. Phone keeps saying no updates. Support is useless. Cannot unregister from betalabs either, its gray. I am not getting any updates. Please Anna, help a little bit. Country: Bulgaria Operator: Mtel IMEI: Can provide on PM

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Hi! You should have received the beta software now. Let us know if any problems!

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Well got the December security patch 3 days back but not the Oreo beta update.. model Nokia 6 TA 1021 India .. registered for nokia beta labs and requested for ota 100 times.. still no luck.. help me out !!

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I got the updates. Thanks. Would have been nice if you guys made a Gallery app please.
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