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I'm stucket in August update

Hi, I saw that the December update has been published but I'm stucked in the December update. How can I get the update? Thanks.

Tech Wizard

Try checking the update manually once after restarting phone.


I tried but it says that my phone is up to date. I live in Spain. Is that normal?


Tengo el mismo problema, no se me actualiza, si consigues actualizarlo dímelo por favor

I think that Nokia stopped releasing Android 7.1.2 for the Nokia 5 because of the RAM and multitasking bug

If you are still on 7.1.1 then you definitely want to stay on it. The memory flaw in 7.1.2 is bad.

Since HMD still haven't fixed the problem, and show no signs of doing so, they really should make the 7.1.1 ROM image available so we can revert to a stable version,

They need to fix it before Android 8...

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