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April patch still , not received any updates how can I think of Oreo.

Hey there plz help I'm stuck on April patch on my Nokia 6 ta-1021 . Not received any updates till now. Plz help me! Anyone Plz don't suggest me to download all those updates from sites and XDA forums coz I had already done that but I want to suggest all those who are reading this if you try to update your any Nokia phone through sd card manually then your device will be UNCERTIFIED( if you don't know the meaning then go to PLAYSTORE->CHOSSE SETTINGS->swipe down then you will see a option DEVICE CERTIFICATION and it will show you the status of your phone ( cerified or not). If your phone is cerified then OK it not then you I'll never receive any updates. The worst part is that I went to Nokia care 2 weeks ago to reflash my phone and they did it to Android 7.1.1 with April patch and they said you'll receive updates but didn't. And someway I found the reason why coz my phone is UNCERTIFIED on PLAYSTORe. If someone who is reading it and knows how to fix the problems of updates and CERTIFICATION and OTA's plz help me. I will be thankful to all who will help . Nokia , HMD, MEMBER ,DEVELOPER , ANYONE PLZ HELP ME so that I will update my phone and enjoy the benefits of new features and tell anyone about the assist provided.
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