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Nokia 6, December Security patch still can't get oreo update..


Am having Nokia 6 on December Security patch, V 7.1.2 and build  00A0_3_72B India. Registered Successfully but still doesn't get oreo update..

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Oreo update is rolled out for global variant not for the Indian variant till now,

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when Indian variant rolls out?

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I was validated several days ago and got the December update 3 days ago and still have not gotten the Oreo update. I have a TA-1025 V 7.1.2 and build  00S0_3_72B and am in the U.S. As an Amazon customer I am not at all happy with Nokia.

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Hi! As stated by our Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas ( we have identified an issue with the roll out of beta labs on Nokia 6 in India. We are working to resolve it and hope to update you soon on the availability of beta labs on Nokia 6. We really appreciate your patience with this!

For Sammo H, we're regret to inform you that this service is not available in US, China and Taiwan due to some additional requirements for technical adaptations. Nokia 6 in USChinaand Taiwan will upgrade directly to Android Oreo when ready. This restriction applies to users in US (All TA’s), China (TA-1000) and Taiwan (TA-1003).

Thanks all for your patience and feedback.



@Anna, please tell that when it will be rolled out for the Indian variant

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So is there a plan to roll out the Oreo to the US users with TA-1025?
Also is there some sort of plan for a full backup software?  Similar in functionality to Titanium back-up, that allows a complete back-up and restore of the the whole phone?

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Had to do this to get OTA update to Oreo

Settings>Apps. Under the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, select Show System. Then go to Google Service Frameworks, select Storage and Clear Data. Go back to System Update and Check for Updates. It will OTA update to Version 5.22A (not 5.220 as reported. I assume the A stands for Amazon version). No locked ads but the Amazon Icon shows up under Settings, right before G Google (Services & Preferences). I do not log in to Amazon and no Amazon apps are downloaded

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Peruvian Thanks...this works for me in the Netherlands. Orea..and security feb. 
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