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Not receiving more than half of phone calls and texts


i bought a nokia 6 couple of months ago. after a while  i realized that i dont get more than half of calls and texts. then i tried by randomly calling my nokia phone. then i got to know it doesn't get cell reception sometimes so it doesn't get calls or texts.

this just occurs randomly. for one moment it works fine and it doesnt after a while. I can confirm the sim (which is not cut) works fine with other devices, and cell service is fine.

i tried customer support couple of times. all they say is to clear the caches, restart the phone, reset the phone, check for sim and network errors. which doesnt address the problem.

this turned out to be quite annoying and i am in the verge of leaving the brand. well once again.

PS: one of my friends also have the same issue with his nokia 5.

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