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Oreo update

I still did not receive any update like December security patch and android Oreo. Has anyone in Europe received?

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Still waiting in UK.
Still waiting in UK.
Got December security patch in Italy using Opera VPN app. Still no Oreo update.
What region did you select? It's truly a joke this
Domenico - I had Oreo on my last phone that got returned due to headphone jack issue, there is no reason why I shouldnt have it now as every thing is the same as before. That's what is so infuriating for me
The Netherlands region and removed SIM card before connecting.
I'll give that a bash a bit later on when I've got a bit of time...touch wood it works
I have done the same using a VPN for the December security patch
Nope,no matter what country I have picked I am "up to date"
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