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Problem with VR Goggles


I have problem with my new Trust Exos 3D Plus -VR goggles. When I put my Nokia 8 in to it and close lid my phone goes to Glance. I have checked that nothing presses power button, and everything is ok when slowly closing lid. But when it snaps to full close all I see in goggles is Glance. If I turn my phone wrong way (buttons down) Glance won't appear. Then when I manage to use goggles but that magnetic button won't work.

Anyone else having this issue with any VR goggles?

Why Glance shows up when lid is closed?
And why magnetic button doesn't work at all?

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I have found that magnetic button in bottom of the Goggles is causing this shutdown. There must be somekind of smart cover function that closes phone screen when closing lid of smart cover. How can I disable that?

Everytime I bring magnet close to phone left topper corner it will shut down to Glance/Lockscreen.

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