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Issues with SMS/Clock etc going to be addressed... At all?

I'm a current user of the Nokia 6 and have been since August, and have been a long time user of Lumia devices before that, so it's safe to say I'm a fan and someone who generally sticks up for the Nokia brand. However there have been some very troubling issues with the Nokia 6 that have affected me - which I have largely fixed because I'm something of a power user, but which have been very widespread and which Nokia hasn't addressed. Recent updates to the Google clock and messaging apps cause them to be totally unreliable for receiving messages and for alarms. A wake-up alarm not working is a serious problem. Not receiving/sending roughly half of text messages is serious! And if you read Amazon's customer reviews for the 6 right now, you can see that it's hurting the brand and the phone. What gives? Granted, I've fixed both issues for myself. The messages app I rolled back to the previous version, then deselected the auto-update feature to keep it at that version. I solved the clock problem by downloading a new clock app. I've been suggesting these to the angry Amazon reviewers in comments, but it's obvious that this is a black eye that I don't feel like HMD can afford at this point in their short timeline. Can we at least get an acknowledgement on the specific issues that so many people are having? The tone deaf responses which Nokia meets these posts with only adds to the problem.

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i am not receiving any text messages and alarm app is also not working after November security patch update and i recently installed December security patch 7.1.2 even i am not receiving any messages and alarm is also not working. Please help me how you fixed the SMS and Alarm issues.

To fix Messages, open the play store, swipe from the left edge and select "my apps" where you can easily find the Android Messages app. Tap on it. You should then see a button that says "uninstall" tap that; it won't actually uninstall the app completely, because it's a core Android app, but it will uninstall updates and bring it back to a previous version. On the same page where you clicked uninstall, tap the vertical "..." button in the top right corner, and de-select the auto-update box. This will keep the app from updating back to the broken version. This should leave you with a stable version of the app that will send and receive all messages. For the clock app, you might be able to do the same thing. I haven't tried that - I just downloaded the alternative clock app called Timely. It works great, and it's free. Let me know if it works!

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Thank you so much for your help. Now I am receiving messages but alarm is not working.
Did you try rolling back the update to Android clock like with messages, or just install the alternative app? I would give both of those a try, unfortunately that's the entirety of my limited knowledge. Nokia needs to fix this ASAP!
I just rolled back the clock like message app but no luck. I am going try alternative app.
Okay, good to know. Try Timely and see if it works.

I am facing another issue now with my Nokia 6. When i unlock my phone its asking to reboot the phone to update the operator settings. I rebooted my phone more than 10 times and even after that its still asking to reboot and i am not able to do anything , not able to open any app. 

I have removed my SIM cards and inserted again but no luck still asking the same"Reboot to update operator settings?". Please help me here.

i have changed my SIM slots and now its working normal as earlier. it is not asking for any reboot now.

Alarm is not working in my Nokia 6 plus I am not getting most of the SMS's. It's really frustrating when alarm doesn't ring in the morning and you miss important messages.
Solution for this issue is that, you have to add the app to battery optimization as "Not to Optimise". And Soft reset your phone. Even Alarm app issue can do the same. I had same issue, I tried this on my Nokia 6, now it works fine for me.
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