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No notifications on incoming call

When my bluetooth headset is connected, my phone will ring on incoming call, but the screen wont turn on and show notifications answer/reject buttons. I can turn the screen on manually with power button and from there view incomming call info and answer/reject. The phone is working as supposed to when NOT connected to bluetooth headset. Even with original non bt-headset it is working fine. This has been an issue for a couple of weeks and did not resolve with december update or oreo-beta.

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Any news regarding this issue?? This is quite annoying. Missing many calls especially when in mute because of this problem.

Tech Wizard

I'm curious, does the Bluetooth headset not have one or more buttons to handle phone calls? - And which make and model is the headset?

Yes I can handle calls from the headset but you do not know who is calling and if phone is in mute you might not even see that you are receiving a call since screen does not light up while ringing. I have not used any different Bluetooth headset but it is quite rare that this is make specific since this is reported from an other user also. My headset is made from cellularline. I was using the same headset with previous android mobile phone without phasing the same issue.
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