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Let's list our Oreo beta issues together.

You can comment below that what issue you faced on beta updates so others can also see if they encounter the same issue as well. In this way we can make a list of issues/bugs we face together to help this community and HMD Global understand the magnitude of issues prevailing.

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Issues i face so far. 1. Missing Dolby tweak 2. FC in Google photos when trying to edit photos. 3. Camera picture quality is poor than before with missing new features of camera like slowmo, as in Nokia 5 beta.

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I have faced the following issues on Android Oreo Beta update on my Nokia 6 1. Ambient display feature doesn't work when Battery saver mode is turned on. 2. Pics click through the camera app lack details. 3. Sometimes the Multitasking key stops working when I try PIP MODE.

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My issue:

Previously (on Android 7) there was an option in Play Store to disable automatic placing App Icons on home screen, but in Oreo Beta I can't find this option neither in Play Store settings or anywhere in system.

Other phones (e.g. Google Pixel) have this option in Launcher app if they run Android Oreo.

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Check for storage memory. Internal RAM is shown correctly. but my 128GB SDCard now offers 256 GB RAM.

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Obvious issues for me

  • Camera to Google Photos broken, always causes a crash
  • Missing Dolby Atmos - Though I believe this is the case for all phones on Oreo, so maybe an issue caused by Dolby themselves?
  • Some missing options such as Ambient display (currently disabled across ALL Oreo handsets apparently), Stopping PlayStore adding new apps to home screen and Themes (new feature in Oreo).
As for camera quality, it's pretty poor, but not to bothered by that as I'm using the Google Pixel Camera APK which works brilliantly on the Nokia 6.

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Other things I'm interested in, though maybe Pixel Specific...

  • Fingerprint scanner gestures
  • Options - Wifi - WiFi preferences - Turn on WiFi automaticaly

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Hi! Great initiative! :) Do remember to also send all your comments via the Feedback App to ensure they get appropriately recorded.

Happy testing!

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After the 8.0 update, does any one have a problem with his or her Bluetooth . Mine is connecting but no sound

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I've got the same problems as had been described yet. I'll try to add some.

The biggest issue for me - is colours of menus. I'd like to have an opportunity to choose between two colours of the menu theme at least. Dark or bright. I prefer dark theme.

Tne next problem is disappearing of the quick settings widget. It had a very useful feature (placed on one button) of changing brightness by 3 steps and to choose the autobrightness.

The icons form change feature is really cool, but I think it has to be a little bit smarter. When the icons form changing, the contact icons and the folder icons have to change too... but they are not.

There is a tiny problem with double items in settings menu. It's not a problem at all, but...

A big problem I had been hoping to be solved by Oreo was to separate volume level between phone calls and other apps sounds (like viber, wassup etc.). The problem is still here.

Finally,why have we (Nokia users) still haven't double tap feature to turn on the display (and to turn off)? I had it on my Nokia 625 three years ago.

After installing the Oreo the starting Nokia sound becomes playing twice (after reboot the phone). Actually, I'd like to turn it off at once.

Despite of my list of issues I like Oreo and I love Nokia. Keep going!


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i have the same problems as you but i have noticed some others: 

- "nearby" icon in quick access icons blinks every time when I slide from one page to another 

- can´t hide "app is running in the background" notification 

- scrolling pages sometimes stop (usually at google chrome) 

- swipe up from the lowest line of icons at the home screen doesn't open menu (It works just from over the lowest line of icons) 

- phone doesn´t choose preferred network after loosing signal, it usually works on roaming so I have to manually choose previous network   

here are some things I miss: 

- notification LED ( I just do not understand why you remove it from world version of phone and  Chinese version has it) 

- possibility to change dark/light theme in menu and notification bar/quick access icons 

- some manual camera settings (ISO, shutter speed...) 

- programmable possibility to double tap on fingerprint sensor (start app, call favorite contact, flashlight....) 

..... this suggestions don´t change anything about that it is great device and I hope it will be even better after official Oreo update.    

Great work, keep going! 

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My comments about Oreo beta: - after activating the camera, the location functions pop up and if I do not activate the location, I can not take photos. That's why I am asking the Nokia team to repair this application and improve the white balance. Thank you! - switching on the phone is slightly faster is a plus, but I noticed a problem. More specifically, the battery discharges faster. Please, improve, Nokia. Suggestions / Ideas: - I could use a battery manager that would optimize its work. Such a function is in Heuwawei and my wife praises it. Plus sound signaling that the phone has already charged. - better protection of your phone against theft. So every week (or 24h, 72) forced finger scan and entering the code: pin or pattern or .... And of course, I mean that the function was in the settings as an add-on which will make the phone better for us. - Xpressmusic, or music player from Nokia, I mean your applications. - theme selection: white or dark - adding the double tap option I will continue to scan further and if I am not going to be able to know something. Regards, the Nokia team.

Just a note on Notification LED questions that keep popping up over the forums.

It is not physically possible to give TA-1033 any form of notification LED. Why? Because it doesn't exist in the hardware. This isn't something that can be fixed via software obviously.

However, once Google enable Ambient display in Oreo (currently disabled across ALL phones until 8.1), there maybe possible solutions to notifications such as flashing the screen etc.

 Picture in Picture doesn't work.

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Tech Wizard

Picture in Picture so far works during Google Maps navigation, and while playing videos full-screen in Chrome.
PiP in the YouTube app currently requires a 'Red' subscription.

Some third-party apps are more confused than usual after being minimized in Oreo, causing various alerts. Manual close and restart of such apps usually works.

Some previously muted notifications from third-party apps reset to default.
The more granulated control of notifications in Oreo still drives me nuts.

The new HMD Camera app user interface is confusing.
It is not obvious that you have to swipe the screen to record video, and its settings pages are broken.

The camera interface is now optimized for vertical mode. The UI should IMO encourage the user to hold the phone in proper landscape mode - there are too many vertical videos and photos on the Internet already!

Bluetooth and in particular Bluetooth Low Energy needs improving.
I'm not sure if I should blame HMD's firmware, or Android, or third-party hardware and software developers who tweak their BTLE stuff to be compatible with Samsung phones.

The standby power drain in Do Not Disturb mode is less than 0.5% per hour and I get the same 2 days average use as before, without doing anything to save power, so no complaints from me regarding power drain.

I'm happy to donate a few weeks of everyday use on Oreo beta during the winter, and hope the telemetry provides useful information to the developers.


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