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Let's list our Oreo beta issues together.

You can comment below that what issue you faced on beta updates so others can also see if they encounter the same issue as well. In this way we can make a list of issues/bugs we face together to help this community and HMD Global understand the magnitude of issues prevailing.

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Whatsapp custom notifications are not working anymore after installing Android Oreo in my Nokia 6. I can't change the default ringtone of a contact.

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Broken features running Oreo Beta 00WW5.140

  • Notification Dots
  • Tethering / HotSpot.  Connected devices report No Connectivity
  • Vibrate Mode
  • Battery used to last longer in Nougat


  • Dolby Atmos
  • Missing customized notification settings via System UI Tuner

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My issues 1. Google photos crashes when i edit photos 2.Picture in picture mode doesnt work 3. turn on wifi automatically is not present on my wifi settings

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The issues being faced by me are being put below, 1) Camera - The image zooming feature which should be able to control through the volume button is not working. 2) Photos - after taking photos by camera when we go to edit mode it crashes. 3) Application - Every now and then it gives a pop up that Chrome is not responding. Restart the application. 4) Bluetooth - The hardware is not getting enabled. I noticed it today when I was trying to take a image on Nokia 6 from another phone and noticed it is not getting enabled after a lot of settings still not able to switch it on. 5) Photo sharing - when we open an image and if we try to share it, the share button is not working to show the sharing options. 6) HMD Global should have a system gallery for photos and videos instead of downloading it from the play store. This application are irritating and updates are slow. 7) Heating - the phone has not been heating after installing the OREO update Thank you Nokia. I am a ardent fan of Nokia since 97 and have a range of handsets till now and all in working conditions. Had been waiting for Nokia to come out with a good phone and finally they had it, but with some flaws in it which I hope they get them rectified in the subsequent updates.

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 Let me post my bug list :

  1. Missing Dolby Control from settings.
  2. Memory Settings(Ram usage)  placed under Developer Settings. It should be on main settings page.
  3. Automatic Cache Cleaner removed from Storage settings.  They added a new Free-Up-Space but it does not clear Cache.
  4. Camera App is nice, but manual mode should have more features, it contains old camera app manual controls only.
  5. Call - Restart Bug . It happens rarely(like 1 in 10 times). When we finish our call, the phone does a quick restart automatically, surprisingly this restart is very fast compared to actual restart. It happens rarely, but it happens. Happened 3 times to me.
  6. Google Play Music App stops responding if we browse our playlist while song is being played. If song is not being played then it is fine, otherwise app shows App Not responding. It happens only in the Playlist section of the App, I can freely browse any other section of app while playing music, But not PLAYLIST SECTION.
that's all for now for me.
I have reported them via Feedback app.

rest performance is Ok, not bad.
Battery charging speed seems to have improved.
I am happy with beta, but hoping to get issues resolved.

Happy testing everyone !!

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a big problem with the Nokia 6 device is messaging with Viber sms messenger Unfortunately there is no LED and the ambient display has no alarm time limit. I would not call it smart phone Nokia 6 is just a metal box with Android 8.0 Oreo
Still no fix for issues from Nokia. No January security update. Day after day phone is getting slowed. When try to use feedback app it captures the screen shot of your current screen. What if you have some other issue that is not able to play on screen. The display colours are on the warmer side. There is some yellowishness on the display. Bluetooth is not working while playing songs. No option for only 3g or only 4g network setting. Every time I open or receive notification from Truecaller, I got a dialogue box stating that the chrome app is not responding. In sound settings there is no setting to adjust notification sound, like it was in previous version. Battery is draining fast & phone is charging very slowly. Pip mode is only working with the Google maps app. No big issues for me from camera app, as my work is mainly focused taking pics of documents. Over the Bluetooth I was only able to listen ringtone when somebody calls, the audio coming over the conversation or while playing music is from the earpiece but that too in a little more loud volume as if it is working as speaker& the bottom speaker is not making any noise. Nokia guys we join beta program so that we can enjoy new updates & features at the earliest & report bugs to get them fixed ASAP. But first the was delay in enrolling beta program for Indian users, then no fix for past issues, no January update. Why? It now time for the beta program to move forward to 8.1 update and we are still struck in beta program of 8.0 what a shame Nokia.
Bluetooth paired devices when connected show weird behaviour.. under paired devices, the settings don't show "media" as an option most times. Need to "forget" devices and pair them again but still the "media" option doesn't shortest always


I have some issues:

1. Feedback app dissapeared: It was working well, but the first time I turned off my Nokia, after I turned on the feedback notification in the notification bar dissapeared and has not appeared yet. So I´m not able to send screenshots.

2. Bluetooth: I always connect my headphones via Bluetooth but with the beta I only can connect them once. And if I disconnect them I have to restart my Nokia to get the connection again.

3. Screen mirror: It just don´t work. With or without WiFi, I´m not able to get my Nokia connected to any TV screen for example.

4. PIP: It just work with Google Maps and VLC. No Chrome and no other apps can.

5. Device gets slow: After 2 o 3 hours of use, it starts getting slower and I have to restat it. That´s not nice considering we have 3gb of RAM.

6. WiFi connection: sometimes if I have 2 WiFi connections available and I want to connect to one of them, the device doesn´t let me. The device itself chooses and I can´t.

That is the list I have. Those are the issues I have experienced. Hope it can help HDM to improve the final version of Oreo.


Everything is already listed so I just wanted to add that only default bluetooth codecs and sample rates work.It drops connections at times{rare}.

Here are some issues I faced:

  • Multitasking button (overview) doesn't work after using picture in picture mode.
  • Camera app doesn't support features like slow motion
  • notification/control bar doesn't respond to swiping occasionally  

Biggest issue I faced: Dolby atmos tuning faulty. It produces hissing sound and volume instability, volume control too loud.

Hi... me girlfriend and I have the Nokia 6. We both get the Oreo upgrade last weekend and we were happy with it. It has nice features.  But today we discover a big issue: hotspot doesn't work!!!

We could connect our computer to the phone but we don't get internet connection.  This is a big deal because we need that frecuently for work.

Anybody knows how to fix it or is an Oreo bug and we have to wait for a fixed release?

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Nokia 6 Model TA-1021

Andoird version 8.0.0

Firmware Version 3.18.66-perf Thu Jan 18 17:47:27 CST 2018

Build Number 00WW_5_220

My issue is when playing music via Bluetooth headset, in about 20mins to 30mins, Play Music automatically stops. It doesn't happen before. Tried restarting and reconnecting the BT HS but no luck. It works well before but now it stops suddenly even using other music player applications.

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