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Integrate SBX Pro Studio to future Nokia mobile phones

Hi Nokia,

Sound Blaster audio devices is one of the computer peripherals for audio. I wish that one day, the Sound Blaster can be found on mobile phones as well. Currently, the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5, Sound Blaster Cinema 3 software are integrated with some mainboards and computer brands.

Are you able to contact Creative Labs Inc. on a collaboration to include the Sound Blaster software to a Nokia phone?

Currently, some mobile phones have Dolby Atmos built in.

These are YouTube videos on the Sound Blaster audio effects:

Tadyatha Om Bhaisajye Bhaisajye Maha Bhaisajye Raja Samugate Svaha

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Community Hero

This is an interesting idea. I think that Nokia use the audio processing that's included in the Qualcomm chipsets and that Creative probably only want to include their software with systems that use their audio processors.

However, I have wondered if Nokia could produce a model focused on sound quality, or include it as a key feature and maybe for this a separate audio processor would be needed.

Do Creative make an audio processor suitable for mobile?

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