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Security patch

hi i'm user nokia 6 (TA-1000) in Indonesia i'm buy Nokia 6 from china, the problem is my security patch on my phone still in april whereas other Nokia 6 (TA-1000) user in china has received security patch update on december and my question is why i have not get the security patch in december? and can my phone receive a security patch in December like other Nokia 6 TA (1000) users in china? and whether all Nokia phones will be able to get software updates? Thank you
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Did your phone come with Google apps installed? If so it's very likely that the seller has flashed a different ROM or the stock ROM of a different variant (most probably TA-1003) on it; that's why your phone hasn't been getting any updates. You can try bringing your phone to a service centre and ask them to update/reflash it, or do it yourself if they can't. Take a look at the Nokia 6 XDA forum for more details.
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