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sad card different issue

Hi everyone. I'm a lifetime NOKIA user but my first post here. My first phone was a 2110i & my 2nd last was a Lumia 930. Liked them all (loved N95 & N900). Really love the look & feel of my new NOKIA 8 BUT despite my best attempts to the contrary, I'm so far hating Android. That aside, I have an issue where whenever the phone is restarted (including after an update) I am asked that my sD card is corrupt & needs reformatting. It's a Verbatim 256G so assume it's not the card. After reformatting, I can transfer data to it without problems, until the next time the phone restarts. Did anyone else have this issue? It's the a known fix it work around? Thanks in advance.

Getting the same issue with a Sandisk 64Gb card which had been running in Lumia's without an issue.

I have a Samsung 128GB in my Nokia 8 and after the update to Oreo I just got once the notification that a card has been detected. Everything is working fine with the card so no issues here.

Update: After the latest security update, yesterday, the OS once again advised that the sD card is corrupt. This time, while reformatting, the process freezes at 20%. Sorry chat recommends returning the phone to the place of purchase so they can check it out as it is still under warranty. This, coupled with the other Android issues is making the $300.- repair of my Lumia 950 look increasingly attractive.
This is not likely to be a fault with the phone itself. It's most likely the SD Card, I've seen this happen with other android devices. Remove the SD card, use an adapter so you can read it with a pc. Copy all your files off of it. Put the card back in your phone and go into settings then select storage, you should see your SD card with an option to format it. When you have done this you can then copy your files back to it. This should resolve the issue unless you have ended up with a fake SD card which are sold as a higher capacity to what they really are. When you start copying files to these cards they corrupt themselves as data gets overwritten. They are only good for one thing, the bin.
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