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Internet speed is very slow

I've had the Nokia 8 for three days and I find the internet activity to be very slow. Webpages and apps requiring internet are slow. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I fix it? I have already tried one factory reset from the settings menu and it hasn't really helped. If it carries on this way I'm exchanging for a Pixel 2.

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It should be from your service provider. I haven't experienced such since using the Nokia 8

 Why would you blame your smartphone for having a slow internet connection maybe it's your IP

Hi Tbone,

to judge it more information is needed.
Nougat or Oreo?
WiFi and mobile services?
3G and 4G?
Have you tried to disable 4G and use it via 3G? In some areas network coverage is poor so it is needed to change from 3G to 4G or vise versa. 
As my actual contract doesn't include 4G I'm just on 3G but the Nokia 8 is faster than the Lumia 950 I had before.

Yes that's correct. I am using Nokia 6 since last 1 month and getting slow speed as compared to my Coolpad not 3 lite. I have tried to again use same sim in coopad and getting high speed. On same time same network operator. It seems Nokia have drawn back . Nokia should have to improve in this area. And after updated with Oreo 8.0 not able to change the APN with LTE bearer . After selecting bearer coming back and clicked on save but still it's unassigned . It's really funny . I paid all most double as compared to my Chinese mobile Coolpad but coopad it 100 times best as compared to Nokia .

I had some strange slow downs on 8.0, but since updating to 8.1 beta I have not encountered them so far.

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