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Edit option in photos app

Clicking on edit option in photos app closes the app. The problem still continues in this beta version oreo 8.0 v5.160.

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 yes, i also having that problem. edit option of photo app cause app to stop and crash.

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I too have the Same Problem

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Yes you are absolutely right..I faced the similar's a new bug..

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I too have the same problem when editing on photos app

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I have just tried editing a photo on the Nokia 5, and also have found the same problem.


Hi - thanks for raising this! Do remember to feed it via the Feedback App so that it gets appropriately recorded.

Happy testing,

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Solution: Just disable the photo apps. Then re-enable it in the apps manager.
Disabling and enabling it worked before, but it's no more working. And we need permanent solution not temporary one.
@Anna , I had even sent screen recorded video about it. For the last beta version itself, I hope we get corrected in next one.

Uninstall updates to the Photo app and disable auto-updates in the Google Play store.

 that's not a solution,

It's a temporary solution while the OS is in beta. There's no obvious loss of functionality from downgrading the app – none at all that I've noticed – but if you don't want to do it, don't.

No solutions yet?

It should be fixed if you update to the latest version of the Oreo beta.

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