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Issues in Nokia 5

Hi All, i am beta Oreo user and following are some cases i observed

Issue 1: (missing SMS)

I still miss the messages even after using “Chomp SMS”. Is there any 3rd party apps you can suggest that works best to avoid missing SMS?

Issue 2: (“Google has stopped working”)

There is no definite pattern that I can tell you. It has stopped numerous times on multiple apps. – when browsing internet, facebook, emails, youtube, newfeed, games, making/receving calls.

If you still ask, maybe I think it is when phone runs out of resources when apps are demanding.


Issue 3: (most important – SIM2 calls issue) 

I have 2 active sims in the phone.

SIM1 - telstra (primary SMS, data & phone sim) - it is on VOLTE

SIM2 - amaysim (backup data & international SMS,call sim)


making or receiving calls and SMS on SIM1 is working fine.

While placing a call over SIM2, i don’t get to hear the ringtone or their voice. Recipient actually gets my call and they hear nothing as well. Behaviour is same no matter if I dial a local AU number or an intl number. Once i restart the phone and place the call over SIM2, it is all fine. From the next call placed over SIM2, i hear only silence and needs a restart. It is quite annoying for having to restart phone every time i place a call over SIM2.



Finally found a work around – when I don’t hear anything in the earpiece while making calls over SIM2, simply switching on loudspeaker and off, gets it working again.

Both me and other end is able to hear one another and the call goes on normally.


Issue 4: (no separate notification ring tone volume control)

This is more of a user experience issue. Please include a separate volume control for all notification alerts. I would always like to keep ring tone at max volume and have all other notifications at 25% (facebook, whatsapp, skype, viber, imo etc)

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Issue 5: (wrong memory stats)

I only have used a 64GB SD memory card in the phone.

For reasons i cant fathom, after Oreo update, the SD card memory shows up as 128GB and says like 80GB full when in reality may be 15GB would have been used

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Hi Karthick Pandurangan!

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. To make sure it all gets recorded and processed, please send it over via the Feedback App on your phone.

Thanks for your support in testing Oreo beta!


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