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Yellow Flashlight and yellowish images..

Hello everyone, I'm a big fan of Nokia but my new nokia 6 images that i capture is turning me down. All my images are yellowish. a camera with 16 MP is very good but if the colour gets yellow then it is useless plzzz help me if there is any solution. Even 12 MP Camera is better than Nokia 6 camera totally dissatisfied :-(

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Same for me.Nokia 6 is taking yellowish photos.

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whats the problem for yellowish photo

Even am facing the issue , yellow flash light 

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Nokia should update the camera app soon and should resolve the yellowish photo problem.When photos taken at night comes yellowish.

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We should Complain Nokia for this problem. if Nokia dont bring changes to it then this nokia 6 phone is useless.
Problem is solved i oreo 8
Mr.Upadesh stop texting inappropriate comments i am using Oreo beta and there is no changes same yellowish photos last night i took 30 photos all are yellowish and nokia support told me that this phone is like this it cant be solved.
problem with yellowish photos is it looks like cheap and old generation photos why will we have this problem Samsung J7 prime is cheaper than Nokia 6 and that has soo much better quality images than Nokia 6.


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