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Oreo update where is it ?

Well Nokia is a joke. I originally setup my phone without a sim card in and in and could not update to Oreo. I reset my Nokia 8 and setup my Nokia 8 with sim card in and still no Oreo. This was Nokia care response also "In order to receive regular updates on your mobile device, you will need the proper provisioning to do so, if a SIM card has been inserted. Whenever you insert a SIM card into your device for the first time, it will automatically try to install the provisioning, which is provided by the relevant Network provider for that SIM card. If they did not update this provisioning to include our OTA update server, you will not be able to receive these updates, like some other Nokia 8 users might have done. The best way to make sure your device is up to date would be to have it search for updates, without it having any SIM card inserted into it previously - hence no SIM network settings pre-installed on the device - and connecting via Wi-Fi. If you had inserted a SIM card previously and that SIM card does not have the correct provisioning in order to receive the latest update, you would have to perform a Factory settings reset of the device and try to update again without inserting the SIM card. (Please note that SIM card provisioning affects any kind of wireless network connection, including Wi-Fi networks) It is very regrettable to hear about your decision to return your Nokia 8 device" Still no Oreo even after the useless response. This is why I think I'm returning to oneplus

What? That's a bunch of gobbledygook. They really are a joke.
I know. Replacing another phone due to unable to update now with Amazon so I'll set this one up with sim to prove a point
Well still waiting and waiting for December patch also. Come Nokia give us the ability to download the latest OS from you and install it our selves then no waiting and waiting and waiting.
Have you done the factory reset without the SIM as the car centre advised?
They said reset with the sim card in which I did as I set up without sim card before. It really doesn't matter if you set a phone up with the sim in or not as I've done it before with other phones. It is complete rubbish.

I've done some work on investigating how Oreo is rolled out:

Carrier Specified Ore Updates

That will be why I've yet to get 8.0 as I'm with BT mobile which uses EE network

 Grab or borrow a Vodafone SIM (you can order them free from the website).

  • Power off
  • Put in the Vodafone SIM
  • Power on
  • Hit the update button a few times once it has "fully" powered on
Ordered a free voda SIM so will try when it's here thanks
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