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Nokia 8 Galileo support

Does Nokia 8 support Galileo (GNSS)?

According to the official Galileo site, Nokia 8 is a Galileo-enabled device:

But the official Nokia site says it supports only: GPS/AGPS+GLONASS+BDS (

What is the truth?

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In short, the Nokia 8 does seem to support Galileo. I can see them on an app and get located approximately one metre from my location on Google Maps. It's not easy to determine how much coverage Galileo provides as yet, and thus how well the Nokia 8 does the job of finding the satellites. However, on the recommendation of the Galileo operator I installed the GPS Test app published by barbeauDEV (other apps of same name only show GPS, GLONASS and Beidou). On my 8, the app shows the above 3 satellites, one Japanese and up to 5 Galileo satellites on its list, indicated by the blue European flag. My phone has also used some of the says, which take some time to emerge.

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 I had a go with GPS Test and it took about half an hour for two Galileo satelites to show up on the list. GPS, GLONASS and Beidou were all being received in a minute.

Maybe when the Galileo system is fully operational things will change.

In the mean time it could be another thing like Miracast where the Nokia 8 is apparently certified but in practice it doesn't actually work.

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