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(Bug?) Duplicate media button events when screen is off


I've got a TA-1021 and there is a bug that has been present on Nougat and still persists on Oreo. Here are the steps to reproduce this bug:

  1.  Plug in a headset with remote control.
  2. Open a music player (except Google Play Music) and play some songs.
  3. Turn off the screen.
  4. Double-press the headset button (the middle button or the only button). In Android, this is equivalent to skipping a track.
  5. The music player skips two tracks. However, when the screen is on, double-pressing the button skips one track.

I encounter this problem with different music players (links: Shuttle, Vanilla Music, AIMP, Zing MP3 and Sony Music), three different pairs of earphones, on both Nougat and Oreo. On other phones, the headset button behaves normally. Looking at the device's logcat, I can see that MediaSessionService sends KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT twice, so it seems like this is a software problem.

Anyone here having the same issue? I've already submitted the bug in the Feedback app, but I want to find out where the root cause lies and how to fix this problem.

Anyone? :(
This is what I'm talking about - MediaSessionService sending key events twice, but only when the screen is off!

Sorry for bumping the thread, but my phone still has the problem even after the official Oreo update. Does anyone else have this problem? :(

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