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Multitasking Issues

Having multi tasking Issue. When I open any apps from recent apps. It's starts from the beginning. Example: When I am using Fb and opens any other app and when I come to Fb again it starts from the beginning. The app is not opening from where I left.

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I hope its the issue with apps like fb and you tube. Except those we can use other apps for multitasking and works fine. Background apps working had been improved. When we use YouTube other apps get restarted. If YouTube isn't in usage there is no such issue. Same case in fb.
Yes you are right.. multitasking is not that good when you keep your phone at a uptime of 12 hrs..I also have a feedback on this issue.. the only solution for now is to reboot..


Hi! Thanks for your comments & vigilance! To make sure all your valuable feedback gets recorded and processed, please make sure you send all your observations and comments via the Feedback App. 

Thanks for your help!


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The multi-tasking issue appears to be fixed for me in the 2nd beta (V5.160), after updating 30 hours ago, the apps are still being retained in memory.

The multi-tasking issue seems fixed for me in the 2nd beta (V5.160) as well, 60 hours

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