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No App notifications / push notifications

I am not getting any app notifications / push notifications.  Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Times of India, NDTV, Facebook, Dictionary (which gives me a new word every day as a push notification)

Android version: 7.1.2, Model TA-1021

Security Patch level: 1st Dec 2017

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Can you go to Settings -> Notifications and see if your apps are blocked from showing notifications? Have you also tried re-installing the apps?

Thanks for reply, Checked, none of the applications are blocked.  Tried re-installing the apps, did a factory reset then re-installed still issue persists.  Even tried reaching out to app owners on play store they said, its ok from their end.  

Its like a dead phone, until I unlock and open the phone, check each app for any new message/notification.  Only Voice call has notification

This phone has some pretty major issues with notifications. This is well known, but Nokia has yet to acknowledge it. However, it usually only appears when the phone has been idle for some time (eg. if I get a gmail message 4 minutes after turning off the screen the phone will notify, but if I get a gmail message 4 hours after turning off the screen there will be no notification). If you turn off the screen and then immediately send an email to outlook, does the outlook app notify?

Yes, you are right, some time it works like that.  If I unlock the phone some time I get messages suddenly, may be waiting for me to unlock :) some times no notifications at all.  It is really bad on part of Nokia.  I just bought this phone without having looked it physically because its Nokia.  Very disappointed.

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