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Should I Install?

I need opinions- Is it worth installing the Beta labs test for Oreo? Im having apprehensions!

I'd say go for it. My experience has been very positive so far, and I haven't encountered any issues yet. As a bonus, one of my issues on Nougat (which no one seemed to notice) has been fixed: I love the built-in Night light feature too.

It ?? You're kidding! Mass problems ... For example, entering the camera settings, I can not go back, and not which applications I turn on and in a moment I have an inscription on the screen "close applications" and the question of the riddle, where is dolby ??
@Dr. Falcon: Are you sure you're running the same release as me? I have none of the problems you mention - all of my apps are running smoothly. Try doing a factory reset and see if it helps. As for Dolby Atmos going missing - well, I don't care about software effects much anyway (though of course having the option back would be great). They can help speakers sound better but you won't need them with a good pair of headphones, and if you find yourself in need of an EQ any 5-band equaliser on the Play Store is better than an effect you have no control over. At least the Music mode sounds great - unlike HTC's BoomSound, which exaggerates the high frequencies and makes anything but the cheapest pair of headphones sound hissy.
I do not remember what version of the system I had, and what came out new? And about the applications, I mean: PI Music Player, WhatsApp, or SifaScore. They just turned off. And that's why I left in 3-4 hours with beta.
@ dr. Falcon- is it possible to revert back to nougat with all settings intact? I thought it's not!
Some third-party apps may not work or perform less smoothly when I install this beta?
@ MUCHER I will tell you that you can, passwords, settings like this, but I've installed the applications from scratch. And the music files are gone. I forgot to add that I checked, or rather, I wanted to check this function picture in the picture, but it does not work at all.
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