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Reboot to update operator settings

When unlock my phone i am receiving one message "Reboot to update operator settings?". Once i reboot and unlock my phone again it showing the same message Reboot to update operator settings. i reboot 10 times till now and still its asking for reboot and i am not able to open anything. Please someone help me to resolve the my issue. 

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i removed and inserted my sim cards and again its asking for reboot. Please help me

i have changed my SIM slots and now its working normal as earlier. it is not asking for any reboot now.

I have the same problem. Its due to memory, remove some file from phone memory. its working for me.

Same probelm for my nokia 6 too.

 have u found any solution

I just changed my sim cards from one slot to another
Same problem exists here and i had restored my mobile to factory settings and it is still checking for updates.
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