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Don't buy Nokia phones

Nokia is cheating us.They said oreo update is available for Nokia 6 and after registration you will get update within 12 hours but it happen 5-6 days then also I not got update. Nokia is cheating us.

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I already complained to Nokia about this issue and was told that I wouldn't be getting the update because  I live in the U.S.

I also told Amazon about my experience and that I was not happy at all with Nokia. They are going to lose a lot of business here because of this.


Please wait for another 3 days. You need to queue up since there are approximately 16 million Nokia users out there . Queue up and you will be called.

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I bought a Nokia 5 and I love it ;)

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I love my Nokia.  It's unfair to say "don't buy Nokia phones" just because your world will tear apart for waiting 5 ou 6 days for a software update.

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I wouldn't mind if I only had to wait a few days. Nokia told me that people like me with the TA-1025 who live in the United States, China and Taiwan would NOT be getting the update at all. Garbage!

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Shit is a real thing. Because we all know what android must go thru before reaching end user

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filled it out 2300 got it next day 1800 in uk at the moment it is all GOOD
Currently there is an Oreo beta testing going on, which is not the Oreo update! I cannot see anywhere in the official pages that Oreo has been promised within 12 hours? Oreo beta testing yes, but not 'The" Oreo. Shouting out not to buy Nokia phones, because you have not received a testing SW version on a perfectly capable device, seems pathetic.

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I got Beta Oreo immediately after registering.

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Did you read the PLEASE READ FAQ at the top of this section? Anna states that for technical reasons the Beta programme isn't available in the USA and some other countries, but will go directly to Oreo when it is released.

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afrer 7 day i got beta oreo update. keep patience. be grateful that we are getting this update.

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I get oreo update in my nokia 5 at last week

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Nokia does not cheat us they give us the best which bolne huge us
The oreo that was released was still in "beta" it isn't the final oreo yet. Nokia promised to release the final oreo on nokia phones, if you did not get it yet don't judge nokia immediately cuz' no one has it yet, what some has is the beta version and being an oreo beta tester is only limited to some countries. Probably nokia doesn't want to release a half cooked oreo update on your country thats why it is not available. Again the FINAL OREO update is not yet available what some has is still in beta.

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