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Regarding Gallery and File Manager

Hi guys, since Nokia have none of their own software, and none of the third party file manager let's us manage SD card in File Manager and all are filled with Advertisement. Even Nokia don't have gallery of its own, and third party gallery are not safe. Don't know what to do. By purchasing this phone hopefully i wasted my 9K rupees. No application of Nokia's own and above that filled Junk application like News, Reader which can't be uninstalled. Nokia has just become useless & am regretting by purchasing a useless phone. What you says guys.

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'pure android experience' means that you will not have any other app than google ones pre installed on your phone. You can use the app 'downloads' provided in the phone as a file manager. Google's photo app works as gallery. That being said, even i agree that nokia should include a gallery and file manager. The phone also lacks voice recorder. At least they can provide these apps as a download from play store (only to nokia users.).

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Tech Wizard

There are many applications from third party without advertisements. Dig around a little before blaming the company for not developing their own application. This is 'stock' experience. That said.

I hope you have initially selected SD card as 'External / Portable'.

File manager - Solid explorer , Fx explorer , ES file manager.

Gallery application - QuickPic

Also, the default stock applications can be 'Disabled' . It's similar to uninstalling it.

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