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all i need is a straight answer; is the nokia 3310 capable of running JAVA games?

apparently a million of these phones have already been sold and yet not a SINGLE person on the internet would bother to try testing some java games or even whatsapp with it. you've got to be kidding me right?

i really want to buy the 3G version of nokia 3310, but only if i can run DOOM RPG and whatsapp on it, so perhaps someone here with this phone can actually enlighten me on this. i've already bought 3 nokia phones during this past year alone and one of them would run java games. so this time i want to be sure first before i sink money into.

thanks for letting me know!

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Whatsapp is not supported on the 3G version at the moment. I'm trying to hack it but hasnt worked yet. Other Java games might work though.

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